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Administration of Medications

Nurses and midwives must practise in accord with legislation, with standards and guidelines provided by the Nurses and Midwives Board, policy directives of the NSW Health Department where these policies are applicable, and policies of individual employers.

The storage, supply etc, of medications is governed by legislation. The relevant legislation is the Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Act 1966 and the Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Regulation 2002. Implementation of this legislation is delegated to the NSW Health Department’s Pharmaceutical Services Branch which issues directives and guidelines to assist health personnel in complying with the requirements of legislation.

Some specific documents that may be relevant and applicable to nurses and midwives, depending on their practice settings are shown below. The following website links were accurate at the time of publication. If they do not lead users to the desired publications, go to www.health.nsw.gov.au and follow links or use the search facility.

Public Hospitals:
* Medication Handling in New South Wales Public Hospitals
* The Administration of Medication by Endorsed Enrolled Nurses
Private Hospitals and Day Procedure Centres:
* Guide to the Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Legislation in Private Hospitals and Day Procedure Centres – TG115
Nursing Homes:
* Nursing Homes - 'Guide to Handling of Medications in NSW' Information Bulletin 2003/10
Community-Based Health Services & Residential Facilities:
* Community-Based Health Services and Residential Facilities - Guidelines for the Handling of Medication

Delegation and Supervision, by Registered Nurses, of Medication Administration
within Aged Care Facilities

The Nurses and Midwives Board has produced guidelines for registered nurses working in aged care regarding the delegation and supervision of medication administration.
Delegation and Supervision, by Registered Nurses, of Medication Administration
within Aged Care Facilities
Further Information
For further information about professional standards:
  Telephone the Board's office on (02) 9219 0222 or 1800 241 220 (rural access number)
and speak with one of the Professional Officers.
Or see  How to contact the Nurses and Midwives Board
For further information about NSW Health Department policies:
  The Pharmaceutical Services Branch
NSW Health Department
PO Box 103
Gladesville NSW 1675
Telephone: (02) 9879 3214 (general enquiries)
(02) 9879 5239 (re authorities to administer drugs of addiction)


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